If you’re like us, you’re obsessed with those gorgeous flower crowns pics filling up your Insta feed. To celebrate our Parker Weddings campaign, we partnered with Flower Girl NYC to give us step-by-step instructions on how to make our own.
(The results are stunning—and much prettier than what you see on the Snap!)

Step 1: Gather all your ingredients: floral cloth wire, floral design wire, flowers of your choice, greens and clippers.


Step 2: Measure the head of the person who will wear the wreath with floral cloth wire.


Step 3: Wrap the greens with one piece of continuous design wire around the cloth wire.


Step 4: Trim any extra stems.


Step 5: Try on the wreath as you go, removing leaves that are out of place or anything that is sticking out too much.


Step 6: Start adding blooms! Cut them to your desired length.


Step 7: Wire the blooms. (Make sure you add wire to each individual flower to secure it in place.)


Step 8: And you’re done! Now go enjoy it.


Living in a small space like a city apartment or dorm can feel anything but luxe. So we sat down with Bravo TV star of Yours, Mine, or Ours and the interior designer behind our new NYC showroom, Taylor Spellman, to talk all about how to design for small spaces. Believe us – you’ll be inspired to revamp your place after reading!


Small spaces are always a big challenge living in NYC.  What are some tricks for maximizing a small city apartment?
Utilize every square inch! First tip is to put your bed on risers. When raised up, theres a massive amount of space under your bed that can store winter clothes, photo albums, spare towels, etc. Don’t let that valuable real estate go to waste!

Second tip is maximizing height. Very tall shelving is a great way to store a ton of stuff in what would otherwise be unused space. Keep going up!

Third tip is to edit. When you live in a large space you don’t have to think about editing because you can spread out. In NYC, you have to stay very conscious of what you are actually using and not using. Ruthlessly edit your wardrobe, your books, your shoes (have you actually worn those red heels since college??). If you edit honestly you’ll be able to really maximize your space.

We love color and prints. What’s the best way to incorporate them into décor without making the space look smaller?  
The key to combining color and prints in a small space is to pick a focal point. Do you want the focus to be on an amazing floral print pillow or a hot pink accent chair? Make sure you know what the main focus is and then build around that. It’s very possible to combine color and prints in a small space but you have a main point where your eye goes or the space will easily become busy and feel small and cramped.

Where are a few of your favorite places to find good accent pieces that won’t break the bank?
I love Homegoods and Marshalls for inexpensive decor and accent pieces. But my FAVORITE spot to find amazing gems are at The Goodwill. They are all around the city and are filled with interesting finds and the money spent goes to a great cause!

Any tips for making a small closet feel luxe? Ideas for organizing?
Color code your clothing. ALWAYS have the same hangers. Put a plush sheepskin rug on the floor. Use beautiful bowls to hold your earrings and bracelets. No space it too small for a little luxe touch!

What’s the one thing you think every DIY home decorator should have for their house?
A sketch book and colored pencils. This is where every idea stems from. Jot down your next project or idea, draw it out or just write down a quote for inspiration. Don’t be shy and always stay inspired!


A gifted Girls Club alum—and FIT grad—shares how the program helped inspire her budding fashion career.

We love NYC—it’s our home and it’s what inspires us every day—so for our #MonthofGiving we wanted to partner with a charity that gives back to our amazing city. The Lower Eastside Girls Club, which helps empower young women and give them opportunities we think every girl deserves, was the perfect fit.

To learn more about how this amazing place is changing lives, we spoke to Christine, a former Girls Club member who thrived in their design program and went on to graduate from New York’s famed design school FIT. She shared some favorite memories @girlsclubny and talked about how they helped make her the accomplished woman she is today.                   


What’s the most important thing you learned from your time at LESGC?
The strength of womanhood, friendships, and that I can do anything!

Did you have a favorite program?
Yes—Couture Camp with Mary Adams. I learned the fundamentals of sewing and how to use a sewing machine. I made a reversible apron and a makeup bag that I still use today. I was so proud of my work!

Any fun memories you’d like to share?
I had the opportunity to travel with LESGC to New Orleans and help paint a mural for residents affected by Hurricane Katrina. It felt amazing to bring art to the community and to interact with the residents. And I loved the food in New Orleans!

I’m sure the Girls Club members now get a lot out of seeing what you’ve accomplished!
I hope it will inspire them to go after their dreams. Whether that be a career or degree – they can do it. If it weren’t for LESGC, I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today. They helped me with college prep, career search and overall shaped me to be a well-rounded woman and citizen in society.

                               2015_03-28-sewing_photo-by-the-lower-eastside-girls-club-05-cropped 11-22-14-sewing-4


Remember – when you shop Parkerny.com anytime this December, 10% of your purchase will benefit the Lower Eastside Girls Club of NY.

A little goes a long way.
$50 – Supports The Girls Club’s photography program.
$100 – Supports the wellness program, providing girls with healthy meals every day after school.
$150 – Supports field trips for Girls Club’s leadership programs, which teach members about civic engagement.
$200 – Provides arts supplies for the visual arts program, Alphabet City Art School.
$300 – Provides equipment for The Girls Club’s Sound Studio, where members produce podcasts and music.

91% of girls say the Girls Club helps them learn to set goals, plan ahead, and stay motivated.
89% of girls reported that they are more interested in science, technology, engineering and math after coming to the Girls Club

Want to get involved with the Lower Eastside Girls Club?
Apply to volunteer! https://www.girlsclub.org/volunteer/





Party season is almost here (yay!), so we’re putting a spotlight on some of our sparkiest, glitziest Parker Black designs.  Our co-founder Derek sat down with us to explain how these amazing dresses actually come to life.

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-1-17-22-pm screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-1-16-20-pm screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-1-13-39-pm

Walk me through the making of a dress start to finish.
Our design team will send beading inspiration to the factories and then they’ll send us swatches of those inspirations. Sometimes we’ll take those and design around that, which is how the Joyce dress came to be—they created that amazing stripe design. Other times we’ll sketch bodies we really like and then we’ll come up with the beading next.

Where do you get ideas for the beading designs?
Inspiration comes from anywhere! I’m always pulling images of things that catch my eye. And the artisans we work with are amazing—it’s incredible what they do. They interpret our vision and it’s really fun to see what they send back to us.

So how are the embellishments done?
All by hand. They put the fabric on a big screen, and then they work from underneath using basically a crochet needle that catches the bead and secures it with an interlocking stitch. If you look closely enough, you can see the strands sewn all the way down the dress.

Why do it by hand?
Everything Parker Black is done by hand. It looks richer and you can definitely tell the difference when it’s side by side next to machine made. With a machine, you can do sequins, and you can do bugle beads, but you can’t mix them and they can only go up and down. Hand beading also gives it a softer feel.

I know the Tatiana Dress is one of your favorites. What was the inspiration?
It was actually inspired by a Parker blouse from four or five years ago. It was a best-seller, and then we thought, how can we make it Parker Black? Let’s turn it into a beaded dress! The bodice on Tatiana is a true wrap, and then the skirt has this very special tear-drop beading against opaque material that helps keep the dress very light. For a fully beaded dress we always try to keep that in mind.screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-1-31-25-pmHow does it fit?
Well it drapes, and then the skirt is very structured and woven. The slit allows it to be slim, but also gives you room to walk. It has a very sleek line that gives a little sexiness with the slit detail.

Why has the Petra Dress been such a success?
It was one of the first bodies we did beading in, so we’ve been doing it almost from the start. It’s a classic body that’s flattering for a lot of people. Sleeves on dresses are really hard. At Parker we do a lot of big ruffles and flounce, but a nice, clean sleeve is difficult to achieve. The ruching really works and makes it fun and contemporary.

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-5-06-27-pmWhat about the Joyce Dress? This is a big statement.
Yes, this is for a big-time formal event. It’s a really bold dress, but everyone’s really responded to it.

Stripes are big trend, so we wanted to reinterpret that in sequin motif. It has a 70’s type of feel because it’s drapey, and the beading adds to that vibe. Joyce was originally done in a color actually, but it wasn’t right for the season. I’d like to try it in the future though because I think it will look totally different.



Name: Brooklyn Rose
Currently reside in: Brooklyn Heights
Originally from: Baltimore, MD
Occupation at Parker: Senior Sales Executive
Years worked at Parker: 8 years
Work jams: We switch it up throughout the day but it varies from The Lumineers, Radiohead, Odesza, Britney, to Beyonce.

What brought you to Parker?
BR: I began working for the Lily Kate Showroom in the Summer of `05. Parker was created in August of `08.  At the time, there was a huge demand for well-priced silk tops. Parker was able to execute in a way that no one had seen before.  I saw such potential in the line; I was so excited and wanted to be a part of it!


What do you love about your job?
BR: I have been lucky enough to watch this brand grow from the day it was launched.  Because of that, I have always felt so connected to Parker.  I have grown up as a true Parker girl and experienced all of her many phases. I watched the line transform into an enormous collection of beautifully merchandised silks, leathers, embroideries, and of course a touch of shine.  The focus was to evolve by introducing something fresh and new each season. Working so closely with the design team has allowed me to use my creativity while still driving sales and building strong relationships.  My favorite part about my job is being able to work with such a great team. Everybody leans on each other for their expertise which is a key component to creating a successful brand.

Give us a peek into what your day looks like…
BR: My days are pretty busy.  Every Monday morning I start my day with a cup of coffee, scouring through selling reports to see how the new product sold over the past week.  I am constantly working showroom appointments with buyers showing them the latest collection.  I work with a ton of accounts via phone/email who are not local and cannot make it in to the showroom.  I am always in contact with my buyers, fulfilling reorders and tending to customer service needs.   In addition, I prep the line for seasonal trade shows throughout the year. I am also responsible for shooting a beautiful lookbook that is sent out to all of our accounts each season.





8 years is a LONG time! Tell us one of your favorite moments over the years.
BR: One of my favorite moments at Parker was when we were knocking down one of the walls in the design studio to expand the working space.  All employees were ordered to help kick this wall down.  We built up momentum and charged for the wall.  One of the owners kicked so hard, that his foot got stuck in the wall.  Of course I have this recorded so I can watch it when I need a good laugh.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
BR: I moved to NYC after graduating from the University of Arizona.  I was helping a friend work a trade show, and was introduced to Howard, the owner of the multi-line showroom who represented Parker.  Howard and I clicked immediately! I began officially working at Lily Kate soon thereafter. I have been here ever since!

What is your #1 piece of advice to interns/people who want to work in fashion?
BR: Build relationships.  Whether it be with buyers, fellow sales reps, designers or showroom owners.   You never know what kind of opportunity the future may hold.

What is your favorite Parker collection from your time working here?
BR: Without a doubt, Fall 2016.  Fall feels super luxe with a ton of suede, leather, embroidery, and elevated base fabrics.  It is everything I want to wear!!!

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Name: Sarah Wright
Currently reside in: Lower East Side
Originally from: Clearwater, Florida
Occupation at Parker: Designer
Years worked at Parker: 4.5 years
Work jams: Grimes, Tame Impala, Class Actress, Last Shadow Puppets

Why did you choose to work at Parker?

How did you find out about the job? I chose to work at Parker because I saw the opportunity for growth and the chance to really get my hands involved in many aspects of the business. I was the third employee to join the team, and the first besides the owners to join design. Now there are 8 design team members across all our different divisions!
What do you love about your job?
The talented team that I get to work with every day and the open, positive atmosphere that we all aim to achieve.
Give us a peek into what your day looks like.
Typically I begin by touching base with the design team. I then sketch designs, or work on beading/embroidery layouts. We make about 50 new styles a month, so there is always a ton to work on! A few times a week I hand off large stacks of sketches to our four patternmakers who bring the sketches to life. I also attend a few fittings per a couple times week where we try the samples on our fit model to make sure that everything is perfect before going into production. I have a lot of meetings with sales, marketing & the founders to present new ideas and trend direction for the season we’re working on, and to get everyone excited about what’s to come! We’re currently working on Holiday ’16, which is easily a favorite season for Parker because of our fun party dresses.





Tell us a funny story from working at Parker.
Every time I see someone wearing one of my designs I get really excited. Whether it’s out at dinner, a photo of a celebrity from an event, or someone on TV shows such as Revenge, Dexter, or the Bachelor, it never fails to put a smile on my face! A funny story is When I went to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic with the Parker owners, I was wearing a dress that I designed. Another girl showed up in the same dress! When she noticed our identical dresses she kept looking over at me, embarrassed that we matched. I eventually walked over and told her that I designed the dress and that she looked great in it. Her attitude changed to being so excited to meet me…so if you’re ever in that embarrassing situation, just tell someone you made their clothes.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
I got a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design. During school I Interned at Vogue Magazine, Alexander Wang, Wayne, & Haute Hippie. I then proceeded to work in visuals & retail sales at Opening Ceremony. I eventually landed my first job designing for the Reformation, and then I got my job at Parker!


What is your #1 piece of advice to those who want to work in fashion?
Persistence is truly the key to success. That, combined with hard work and a positive attitude, will make you a value to any team.

Favorite Parker collection from your time working here?
Fall 2016, get excited!

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Name: Paige Vila
Currently reside in: Upper West Side
Originally from: Wethersfield, CT
Occupation at Parker: Social Media Manager
Years worked at Parker: 4 years
Work jams: It really depends, but I’ve been listening to a lot of throwback 90’s/2000’s hip-hop lately. Nas, Foxy Brown, Talib Kweli, Mase, Mya. Seriously though, whatever happened to Mya?!


Why did you choose to work at Parker? How did you find out about the job?
PV: It’s actually a funny story. My friend Faye had interned for Laurieanne (one of our co-founders) when she had her own line, Tehya. She randomly ran into Laurieanne on the subway a few years later, and she mentioned that Parker was looking for someone to take over their PR and social media. I sent my resume in, interviewed on a Tuesday, got the job that Thursday.

What do you love about your job?
PV: When I started at Parker, I was hired as the first in-house social media/PR person. It was crazy, because I went from being at an agency having procedures and processes for everything, to having this incredible amount of autonomy and influence over our entire brand. I started our social channels from scratch, and was able to build a real voice for the brand. I helped launch our first-ever e-commerce website, and then helped re-launch our site, launched our blog, brought on our celebrity agency, coordinated major celebrity events, worked on countless photo shoots, and so much more. I doubt I would’ve been able to do all of that in one role at another company!

Give us a peek into what your day looks like.
PV: It really depends, but usually my day looks like this. Get a latté (almond milk) at Grumpy Coffee. Check/post on Parker’s Instagram. See who’s tagged us in photos/if we can use any for future posts. Check my email, check Facebook, check Twitter. Adjust the social media calendar for upcoming months. Meet with the e-Commerce team about upcoming newsletters, photo shoots, sweepstakes, etc. Reach out to bloggers to send new product or find creative ways to work together. Talk to the photo studio in L.A. about upcoming photo shoots (find models, locations, and props to use for upcoming product/lookbook shoots). Once a season: coordinate with the sales team to prepare the buy for what will be on the website the following season (we’re currently buying Fall ’16). Once every 2 months: fly to L.A. for product, lookbook, or editorial shoots. Our next shoot is in April, in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking Los Angeles, around and in a pool. Work is hard.


Tell us a funny story from your time working at Parker.
PV: I do have to say, there have really only been a handful of bad days at Parker. There have been some funny moments, but one of the most hilarious was during what we were calling “the Derecho.” The weather channel was calling it a mix between a tornado and a hurricane or something, I don’t even remember, and it was supposed to hit NYC around 6PM. Our bosses were away, and they gave us the OK to leave for a half day. Instead of leaving, we turned off all the lights, blasted “Call Me Maybe” as loud as it would go and on repeat, and danced like idiots around the office for way too long. You definitely had to be there, but it was absolutely hilarious and I’m laughing out loud just thinking about it.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
PV: I always knew I wanted to work in fashion, but not necessarily how or doing what. I interned at Alexander Wang and then at 944 Magazine in Miami. Then, I worked at the Digital Brand Architects managing bloggers and doing social media for big fashion brands. I realized that I loved being the voice behind the brands, and helping them execute their digital footprint. It kind of just clicked and I found my niche!

What is your #1 piece of advice for those who want to work in fashion?
PV: Be nice to people! We’ve had so many interns with bad attitudes that are rude and don’t want to help out with projects. I also remember every single person I’ve worked with that was negative or had bad energy. People remember when you’re kind to them and it makes them want to help you out in the future! Also, it kind of goes without saying but don’t burn bridges. If it is a small world, then the fashion industry is an ant farm. You are SURE to meet everyone again and again and again.

Favorite Parker collection from your time working here.
PV: Definitely Summer ’16, especially the June delivery. I’ve been dreaming about wearing flirty lace sundresses all winter long and I can’t wait for my personal to get here!!!

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Ladies, grab the Kleenex. We recently got word from our good friends over at Bloomingdales 59th Street that one lucky gentleman was planning a proposal for his girlfriend (get this) IN THE PARKER SECTION OF THE STORE!! As it turns out, Jaimie is a longtime Parker girl, having worn Parker the first time the couple met!

Her fianceé Elliot contacted Bloomingdales to plan the perfect proposal for Jaimie. From rose petals covering the floor, to a photo montage of the couple playing on our projection screen, to champagne and strawberries awaiting the couple behind the register, every detail was perfectly thought out by the entire team! Scroll through below to relive Jaimie and Elliot’s engagement! Congrats again to the happy couple!

floor setting up 2setting upfrom dressing room just proposed on knee   surprise from parents toasting


Welcome to our newest series, BTS at Parker! We’re taking you behind the scenes to show you what life is really like at Parker HQ. If you’ve been dying to know how we got here, what we do all day, or even what we’re listening to, then stay tuned for interviews with one of our designers, our Sr. Sales Executive, and Social Media Manager.



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They say the West Coast is the best coast, and while we can’t completely agree (props to NYC), the thought of living in Los Angeles sure does pull at our heartstrings! To celebrate the launch of Parker on the app, Spring, we threw a party with our closest friends, bloggers, and celebs this past Tuesday night in the City of Angels. As expected, everyone showed up decked out in their finest Parker frocks, and had an amazing time. Want to see more pics from the shindig? Scroll through and enjoy!

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